Mahija Parahita Nusantara is a non-profit foundation that focuses on creating a society that strives upon effective waste management & responsible collection.

In addition, we aim to help the people living within the community of waste collectors by becoming their close partners and collaborators. We want to open a new avenue to improve their quality of life.

Our critical role in securing a sustainable feedstock supply and creating a circular economy for the community is essential in realizing our goal of lifting up the plight of the people living in the neighborhood of waste collectors.

What We Do

Make an impact through the development & facilitation of the community focusing on the enhancement of every stakeholders' livelihood, all across the value chain spectrum. From waste-collectors, employees, educators, as well as their their family.

What We Do

• Shift the age-old mindset from treating wastes as something with no economic value, into an economy-driven sustainable waste management by instilling knowledge and developing skills to further the drive of perception-change of every stakeholders in the entire value chain.

• Opening a new avenue of mindset that stems out of the need to break the generational cycle of waste-collecting and the extreme poverty it carries by opening new opportunities and options that they previously never had.

What We Do

Ensuring a feasible pricing system to incentivize a safe and ethical supply chain management.

We play a critical role in securing a sustainable

Mahija Parahita Nusantara Foundation is established as a social foundation that serves to conduct waste management as well as helping the community that lives within

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Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.
~Helen Keller~
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